Weekly Software News – April 8 to 14


I guess I’ll have to forget about ever spending quiet weekends. It’s useless. The Pandora scene is getting more active than ever, and on top of that it’s not only crapware the developers produce, but actually a lot of good stuff makes it in to the repo. So here’s a report of what happened in the last week, and if you missed a couple of days, well, you are out of luck since you will need time to catch up.

Here we go. I have to say that my personal favorite this week was the release of PtitSeb’s PND of Dune Dynasty, as you could probably guess following my enthusiastic post on Friday. Nevertheless, let’s see in detail what came out as well.

Updates (25)

  • LibreOffice: a minor update that brings some welcome changes, the most important one being the management of file extensions. Now your office documents should be associated to LibreOffice directly in your file manager. Nice!
  • Java PND: Wizard-Stan has done his magic to bring us a recent Java build for arm devices. He also included several libraries that could be used for games made with Java. No, Minecraft does not work yet, you can keep on sulking.
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha Emulators: general update for all of them out there (12 of them!! Sorry, I am not linking them all one by one!) – the key difference is that they are up to date with the latest versions, and that they are now compiled with GCC 4.8 (good job PtitSeb!). If you tried any of them, please let us know how they perform in the comments below!
  • Ice-VM installer: minor update with a bug fix. If anyone has tried it, please report your experience in the comments!
  • PPSSPP: minor update, in line with latest git version, and compiled with GCC 4.8.
  • Cellwriter: minor update to make it work with the latest firmware.
  • Pandora Microbes: now supporting high scores recording (when online) using the Compo4All libraries! The game is on!
  • Cocoa-DOOM: a number of changes, including better packaging and screenshots (!) in this PND. I’ll have to try it soon to let you know how it fares vs all the other DOOMs we have in the repo. If you already fired it up please give your impressions in the comments!
  • Mini Slug Project: here again, updated to add compatibility with Compo4all: now your highscores are saved on a remote server to enhance the competition with other players! Note that the highscores are not read in the application itself at this stage.
  • DosBox EX v10: I would say minor update but there are numerous welcome fixes and improvements. See them on the application page.
  • Jmol: I decided that my Jmol PND, a tool to view molecular structures, was not recent enough and updated it to the latest version. Probably works better if you install the latest Java PND as mentioned above. Minor update, otherwise.
  • YTDownloader: minor update for this tool to download youtube videos. It now includes the latest version of youtube-dl in its core. That should fix a number of bugs from the previous version. Please note that WebM videos, while recommended for smooth playback on Pandora, are not always available for download on youtube – switch to the Flv 360p format if needed.
  • KeePassX: a full rewritten version for this password manager to enhance your security online.
  • Freesynd: update to the latest version of the sources and touch screen fixes. Probably minor.

New Releases (16)

  • UCB Logo: a port of the Logo programming language, used for education purposes.
  • Hakuneko: a superb soft to download manga from different sites. To use in combination with Comix, obviously! And don’t blame me, the porter or your Pandora if the FBI comes knocking on your door with automatic weapons while you sleep like our friend Kim.
  • ExFAT support installer: _wb_ compiled a driver for cards using the ExFAT format (which is usualy the case of SD Cards of 64Gb sold on the market). Please be very careful, this is experimental and may or may not work well. Try it at your own risk.
  • TightVNC Viewer: a free remote control package for remote machines! Control your PC or someone’s machine at distance with this software. You’ll need Java.
  • C-Dogs SDL: not a new software per se, but new in the repo. It’s a port of a really old DOS game.
  • Kagiru Sudoku: since Kumaki asked for a Sudoku game for her Pandora, I packaged this pretty nice one (Java only) for her.
  • Simple Sudoku Solver: someone decided apparently to release a Sudoku solver right after Kagiru Sudoku was out in the repo. Great coordination guys!
  • Jago: it all started when mmKALLL told me he liked playing Go but could not find a proper client on Pandora despite the two already present in the repo. I found Jago and packaged it. It’s basically a client to play go against online opponents. I still have no idea how to play Go, however.
  • Optitask: a simple Pomodoro timer, with an interface to manage your list of tasks (Java).
  • DSACHargen: a tool to help you create character profiles for the paper and pen RPG the Dark Eye / Das Schwarze Augen / L’Oeil Noir which has been around for a long time. I was playing this RPG when I was 10 years old, that says a lot.
  • Race Into Space:Β the free software version of Interplay’s Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space. I did not try it so I guess I will have to fire it up one day.
  • Gigalomania: a remake of Megalomania. Apparently it does not reuse any of graphics of the said game and looks pretty ugly, but that’s just my opinion. On top of that, they made it pretty hard, too. Good luck! I’ll stay with the Amiga version probably.
  • Erebus: An action RPG still in early development. Think “Diablo” but don’t get your hopes too high up, it’s nowhere close to having that much of frantic action. Nevertheless, it seems quite well made and you can check the video in the forum thread.
  • Dune Dynasty: PtitSeb is still quite busy with other things but he managed to compile Allegro 5.1 for Pandora (still experimental at this stage) and now we get a very, very nice software to play Dune 2 again, with several enhancements over the original. You will still need the original files, though, but they will be automatically downloaded by the startup script from milkshake. Nice! Don’t miss the review of Dune Dynasty on PandoraLive (video included).
  • The Devil: a simple action game where you control the Devil. Don’t expect much but PtitSeb probably used it as a proof of concept for his Allegro5 support.
  • Pandora Crude Bench: PtitSeb is preparing a full review to compare how the Pandora 1Ghz fares versus the previous models, and he made a little benchmark tool to get some reliable data. Very cool stuff, especially for the third part where you get a very high detailed 3D environment for benchmark.

There are now 868 softs in the repo. You know, it’s not about the numbers (Android and iPhone markets have millions of applications but most of them are useless crap), but 900 is the next milestone! My predication is that we’ll cross the 900 apps line in a couple of weeks or so if the releases continue at this pace.

Have fun testing!

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Oh you’ve added link to the repo thank you so so so much I know this took more of your weekend πŸ™‚

Quick question: what are the Emu EX Plus Alpha emulators? Why would one use any of them instead of existing emulators?

Btw: my 3DS hates you because I am using my Pandora more these days πŸ˜€