The Aluminum Cases Are Happening!


You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, following the release of the case data for the Pandora, one community member mentioned he would make Aluminum cases for the Pandora in case there’s enough demand for it. At least 100 units. Well, today Evil Dragon announced that he pushed the button to make them happen.

While the pre-order campaign did not reach 100 units, it did reach 60, and ED wanted about 20 for his own purposes as well. That leaves an additional 20 units on the table, for which ED is confident they will find some people to buy them up. As a reminder this is what the renders looked like for both colors:

First, the black one, very classy:


And the grey version below…


While the Pandora reaches its end of life, this is very good news since it will make their lifetime likely much longer now that they can get a robust case. If you are still interested to pick one up, you can do so on the Dragonbox shop, for about 113 Euros (I’m assuming this excludes taxes… something to confirm when ordering) and that price includes the change of case (I don’t recommend you do it yourself!).

Now this is very likely we’ll get some kind of similar option for the Pyra, either at launch or following its launch… Good times ahead.

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