Alive and Kicking Coding Competition

Yeah! I finally managed to insert this cheesy competition picture somewhere! Anyway. I mentioned it in the latest weekly update, we have a new competition going on this year up until February next year, and it’s probably a good time for you to start or complete a project you may have been thinking about recently. You get the pressure of a deadline for increased productivity, as well as the potential reward of prizes !

Note that this competition is not just my idea, ED was involved as well, but since he lacks time to take care of the organization itself (after all he needs to get the Pandoras shipping for Christmas!), I have been put in charge of the communication. You can directly check out the rules in details on the boards, but in case you can’t be bothered at the moment, it’s fairly straightforward. The competition, this time, has only 4 distinct categories, and the keyword is newness. As long as you create something that does not really exist currently on Pandora, you have a chance to enter in the competition. Here’s the actual 4 categories:

  • New “Pandora Use”: creating or porting an application that does something that was not possible before on Pandora, or at least not straightforward.
  • Significant Improvement of an existing Application: everything you can do to improve an existing application in any way possible: more features, better controls, better fit with the Pandora screen, etc…
  • New Game (Ported): is this is category tailored made for PtitSeb ? 🙂 Maybe, maybe not, but if you want to try your chance at porting something that has not been ported before on the Pandora, now’s your chance!
  • New Game (Original): obviously it will be very difficult to make a full scale, original game in a couple of months, but we already know there are a number of projects being developed for Pandora, and if you just needed a deadline to focus on in order to release something, here you are!

You can enter as many projects as you want in as many categories as you wish, but if you really want to win some prizes, better focus on quality than quantity! By the way, the prizes will be announced in next week (probably), but be assured there will be something nice to get anyway 🙂 The winners will be decided by popular community vote, and only in case there are ties, we will apeal to selected judges.

At the time of writing we already know of the following projects:

New Pandora Use: Quite Universal Circuit Simulator (from Canseco), a tool that does exactly what is says! nCalendar, a CalDAV client (by Nilsnsn). There’s also Courserian, an upcoming software to download courses from Coursera directly from your Pandora.

Significant Improvement: Snowman Reloaded (from Ziz), a improved version of his Snowman game. MultidosGamesQemu (by IngoReis), a new package for Qemu included tons of commercial games which went freeware over the years. OpenPandora Bookshelf, an improved version of this software to find the ebooks on your Pandora SD Cards (from Commander Beef). And my entry, a new version of HackerBooks to download HTML books on top of PDF ones. In terms of rumors, crow_riot is apparently trying to update apkenv for this competition as well (more Android games/apps support?)

New Game (Ported): No announcement so far. I know PtitSeb is thinking about several candidates here. We’ll see what he comes up with. Of course not only PtitSeb is expected to participate here, so get your projects rolling!

New Game (Original): Pandora Nanolemmings (from wb), a kind of lemmings clone with lemmings just a few pixels high! Ultimate MMA, from Commander Beef, a SIMS/MMA Tycoon kind of game! There’s been also rumors that Iprice may reveal another game here (he won the previous Rebirth competition with Aquaventure). F_Slim, Pmprog, PokeParadox, Slaeshjag were also mentioning they would try to join the competition in this category.

As you can see, there’s already a lot of activity, but it’s not too late to start now if you wish to participate.

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