Alive & Kicking Coding Competition Entries


The deadline for the Alive & Kicking Coding Competition has just passed, and here’s now a final list of all the entries that made it through ! There’s a lot of good stuff this time around and some very creative entries as well.

As you know there were 4 categories, and most of them were densely populated with entries except for the New Original Game category. It makes sense since it’s the category that requires a lot of skills in many different areas in order to be able to release something.

If you want to see the entries with all the links, here’s the boards thread.

New Pandora Use: [ 13 Entries ]

  • Quite Universal Circuit Simulator by Canseco
  • BaGoMa by Ekianjo
  • Courserian by Ekianjo
  • Bard Storyteller by awbcmu
  • BitMessage by PtitSeb
  • Flashenv by crow_riot
  • 3doh by Ekianjo
  • SWI-Prolog by wb
  • Twitchbox tv by pmporg
  • Die! Zombie App Killer by Commander-beef
  • Printrun by PtitSeb
  • Mer Operating System demonstration by cxl000
  • uPIM by Commander-beef

Some pretty interesting stuff here. I won’t talk about them all here, but just a few that I can personally relate to: I don’t have a 3D printer but Printrun enables 3D printing directly from the Pandora, it’s really a cool idea to have this in a pocket format. Bard Storyteller brings voice-reading to the Pandora, which is great if you want to read something without looking at the screen. Flashenv is the new Apkenv, making it possible to play flash games full screen with custom controls.

Significant Improvement [ 10 Entries ]

  • SL4P14.1, SOLEIL14.1/SOLA by Linux-SWAT
  • Cannonball (with track editor) by PtitSeb
  • Snowman Reloaded by Ziz
  • HackerBooks by Ekianjo
  • Anki by Ekianjo
  • Stella by SvOlli
  • Qjackctl by Canseco
  • Atari 800 EX by Commander-beef
  • Zdoom by PtitSeb
  • Pandora Image Viewer by wb

Lots of work achieved here to provide better applications. Linux-SWAT has been working hard at providing a fresh update to his previous 14.0 Slackware package. Ziz coming back on his previous competition entry to make a major overhaul of it. Canseco and his numerous works on the audio applications for Pandora. An improved Stella making it possible to run technical demos on it, and of course more awesome entries.

New Ported Game [ 9 Entries ]

  • zSilencer by Canseco
  • The Butterfly Effect by PtitSeb
  • Roswyn and the Dragons by MH-T
  • AREA2048 by MH-T
  • Excido by PtitSeb
  • Knights by Canseco
  • Griffon Legend by Eyecreate
  • Smoking Guns by PtitSeb
  • Games Remade in QB64 by PtitSeb

Lots of original ports here coming for the first time on Pandora, and I must admit I haven’t had much time to check them all yet.

New Original Game [ 4 Entries ]

  • Pandora NanoLemmings by wb
  • PewPewTris by slaeshjag
  • GFMTSERFGJ by undexsym
  • 8Bit Merchant by Commander-beef

Few entries here but all of them of high quality. wb taking the concept of Lemmings further, slaeshjag mixing Tetris and a shooter in PewPewTris, an awesome shooter in 3D, albeit his long name, by undexsym, and an economic simulation (together with a Where in the World is Carmen San Diego kind of game concept) in the world of 8 bit computers by Commander-beef. Well done to all.

Don’t forget you can give a donation as well until the votes are closed.

It will be possible to start voting within the next couple of days and you’ll have two weeks to cast your votes in each category.

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