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You like Pandoralive. But you are a busy man / woman / or something else. You do not have time to come and check this awesome blog dedicated to the Pandora every single day, or not as much as you’d like. How to keep up with the news?

You may not have noticed, but we offer a weekly newsletter as a service. It’s fairly simple and straightforward: you register here, then you get our email at the end of every week (between Sunday evening and Monday morning) and you can pretend you know everything the community has been up to since you last checked the forum… ! But there are some people who do not believe until they actually see, so for them, here’s a screenshot of the actual newsletter:


Simple, efficient. Just make sure the newsletter does not end up in your SPAM folder. Depending on your email provider, it may happen (Gmail, anyone?) so check your SPAM folder once a while and mark it as “non Spam” in case it occurs.

If newsletters are not your things, there’s still our RSS feed. And there’s Twitter, Google+. Don’t forget to share our articles around you, by the way. That’s the best way to say “thank you”.

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