A First Look. Just a Blink.


While only very few people knew about this until recently, I have been working for a while with the help of Traylorpark (the talented designer of Paper Wars) on a small project at the intersection between the Open Pandora and… Japan. Here’s a few pictures as teaser.



Yeah, you can guess it’s a box artwork for the Pandora. I will be coming back soon on what it’s for, how we (or should I say, how Traylorpark) worked on it, and what the plans are for moving forward.

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I’d buy it!
Really, it looks just beautiful, I want this artwork as the cover for the book about hardships and tribulations, and the bright future of the andora project.

Er Lern Loh

That is very nice! 🙂


Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! I saw this yesterday on the main Pandora website…and I must say that Traylorpark really outdid himself (on the design). This is really exciting stuff – if the OP Team can bust into the Japanese marketplace. Great things are ahead, methinks! I was under the assumption that there might have been a “wifi” conflict or something to that affect in the past? I wasn’t privy to the particulars and this news really caught me by surprise…in a good way. 🙂

Sebastián Castro

T.T My pandy came in a cardboard box too big for it. Like this, I would like to buy the box alone just for nostalgia 😛 hehe.


This box is beautiful! It look so professional and attractive. Great to see how the Pandora and it’s peripherals improve.

Israel RN

Can I buy the box only?