Monthly Software News Dec 15th 2015 to Jan. 14th 2016


What a month! Maybe it was because of Christmas, or the New Year. But look at the quantity of the Releases and Updates. Awesome. Brand new port of¬†Div studio games, older games only available on the old repo now¬†uploaded and so accessible via PNDManager. More than 100 news & updated packages. And many quality ones. Don’t miss the updated LibreOffice, The Tube, Xash3D or Giana’s Return at least. And on the new releases side, take a look at Bart the Barbarian, DBGL, Flying Saucer Attack, Witchblast or one of the Ginge packages.

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SlackWare 14.1 on Pandora: Everything is Awesome!


I hope that line is not trademarked by LEGO… anyway, the point is that Slackware 14.1 on the Pandora is a great distro. I had tested it in the past but I had not given it enough of my attention then, and I now realize my mistake. Don’t get me wrong: Super Zaxxon is great and all, but if you want to enhance the utility factor of your Pandora, Slackware is one of the best ways to do it, without losing much of SZ either.

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