Pyra: Full Prototypes Soon!


As we are soon jumping in the 4th quarter of 2015, things are getting progressively in place for the Dragonbox Pyra, with full prototypes to be assembled within November. The remaining elements are now being produced: the keymat, following its layout finalization, is now in production and samples of the real thing will be available by Mid-October. Once received we will see how it works hands-on, and if keys are lighted up as expected via the backlights.

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Monthly Software News Jul. 15th to Aug. 14th 2015


Another month poor in New Releases, but actually pretty abundant in updates! I thought most people would be off in July-August but it looks like it did not prevent everyone from doing some work for the Pandora community! The Pyra launch is getting near (probably less than a year from now, we’ll see how it goes) but it’s really nice to see the Pandora scene still kicking as usual. And OH, sorry for being late. But having a baby did not help.

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