2 Years of PandoraLive!


Yes, it’s been two years already. Time passes by fast, but when you are in good company you don’t notice it as much. So what has happened since we launched? Here’s a quick overview of the past year’s traffic, and a list of most popular articles published in the past 12 months.

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So, What’s the Open Pandora Community Made Of ?


Ola. Hold your horses, Sir. I know this survey was conducted in October and I see your gun pointed at me, asking me why it took so long to deliver the results. Well, analysis is one of the stuff that requires time and skills. And the more data you get, the more time it takes to go through to make good value of it, and look at segmentation and stuff like that (and you are never really over with it). Hopefully by reading this article you will understand why it took a while.

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What You Guys Liked in January 2015

Oh it’s been a while I did not do one of those posts to let you know about all the great articles that you missed. You know, you get SO MUCH quality contact here that you tend to be drowned in it, hehe. Let’s stop the fake praise and let’s get down the business. Which articles were the most popular in January, that is.

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