Year 2014, A Quick Overview


2013 was a year full of promises for the Pandora – there was a plethora of excellent software releases (including Drastic, for one), and a lot of activity all around. While 2014 was very much under the sign of the upcoming Pyra, things have nevertheless progressed nicely on Pandora as well. Let’s come back on some major events and releases.

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Rediscover Browsing with Pale Moon


Pale Moon is a Belgian Beer. But it’s also a fork of Mozilla’s Firefox, aiming at providing a better user experience, refusing to move to the Australis UI interface change that Firefox recently went through (the one that sucked bad). On top of that, it’s surprisingly lightweight (interestingly, it was not a design goal of the project, more of a “collateral damage” if I may say) and what you need to know is that it runs great on the Pandora.

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What To Do After Reflashing (1.71 Firmware)


As you may have heard, the final 1.71 firmware is out. Since there were issues with the 1.70 release it was pulled out, and now a fresh release fixes the last bugs in the image. Thanks to Notaz for all the work he did on this. 1.7 is the LAST major release in terms of firmware for the Pandora. While this is certainly sad, it’s quite understandable as we move to a new hardware base in 2015 with the Pyra (while no clear schedule has been announced yet). Here’s a guide for a full clean reflash on 1.71.

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