What You Guys Liked in July 2014


I just noticed that I’m almost one month late to tell you what articles were popular in July ! Looks like the heat has got my wits… Well we did not get a great summer in Japan, it’s been hot and rainy and there were more typhoons that we expected. July is also the month of semi (cicadas), these huge alien-like insects making a ton of noise in the trees. They don’t live too long, so by mid-end August they are all gone and dead after partying like crazy for 2-3 weeks at the end of their life. Hey, that’s a pretty cool way to go, if you think about it.

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Unreal Tournament Running on Pandora [ExaGear Tech]


Are you surprised? Maybe not ? Well, it’s true that a while back, Lunixbochs from the boards was able to make the Unreal Tournament demo run through a modified build of QEMU and glshim to make it run on a Pandora 1 Ghz, but if you remember the result was less that stellar in terms of framerates. Now, a new solution is available (while still in development), and it’s coming from a Russian company called ElTechs.

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Flappy Bird: What I Did For The Pandora Version


Since nobody had released a Flappy Bird clone on the repo, I took some time a couple of days ago to look for some of them that may be working without much effort on the Pandora. Since Flappy Bird was a such popular and, honestly, not very hard game to program, there are a ton of clones out there for many programming languages. Python and Pygame are included by default in the Pandora firmware, so I was set to find something running with those on GitHub, and it did not take too long to identify the right candidate.

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The Pyra at GamesCom


If you follow the small world of Videogames, you are probably aware that the biggest European event, aka the Gamescom, is going on in Cologne right now. The first day was reserved to businesses only, but the rest of the days are open to the public. There’s one more reason to go this year: to see the Pyra prototype at the Dragonbox Booth. And some of key community members. Here’s a quick report from the first couple of days.

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Squared: 2048 on Your Pandora


In case you have been living under a rock, you probably know of the recently popular game 2048, which was itself based on the popular mobile game Threes. 2048 ended up being more popular than Threes, making Threes look like a ripoff of it, which is quite funny when you think about it. Anyway. Squared, by Gandi, is a clone of 2048 for the Pandora. It’s pretty good.

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