My Day with The Pandora (atari_afternoon)

Ekianjo has asked me to write a short text about how I picture my average day as a Pandora-user, -player and -fanatic; starting from a number of list-posts I made on the OpenPandora-board, which were originally nothing more than a normal forum post listing of what I do with the Pandora besides “the obvious”, I do not believe I have to think much since I’m in love with it and the words hopefully will just come naturally now in the following few paragraphs.

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What You Guys Liked in March 2014


This marks the end of the first quarter in 2014. That was fast… but at the same time a lot of things have happened and it was another good beginning for the Pandora so far, with the compo entries and the new releases like Starcraft. In Japan March is the end of the School year so you have graduation ceremonies for about all ages (they even have ceremonies from primary school graduation!). In high school, girls usually wear kimono like the ones above in the picture on their graduation day.

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ZDoom, GZDoom and their Mods. Are They any Good ?


PtitSeb released a port a Zdoom not too long ago, and I was actually curious as to what one could do with it. Actually Zdoom is not just another Doom engine, it supports a lot of mods and I thought it was a good idea to check if there’s anything worth looking at. Of course, most people already know about Brutal Doom, but let’s see if there’s anything else there that’s interesting AND runs well on Pandora, which is unfortunately not the case for Brutal Doom at this stage.

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Weekly Software News 24th to 30th March 2014


This past week was the last one in Japan where you could still buy stuff with 5% VAT. The government of Abe and his stupid Abenomics (the media think he has reinvented economics), while all what Abe did was to massively inflate the money supply (+40% supply increase in one year leading to a massive weakening of the yen on the global markets and prices increases in Japan, naturally) and increase taxes everywhere, with the VAT moving up at 8% from April 1st, and 14% down the road. Yeah, increasing VAT has worked so well in Europe, I’m sure this will get Japan out of its economic misery! ‘Nuff nonsense, let’s look at what made the repo inflate in the past few days.

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