Seriously, Securing a SoC Is NOT Easy


When some company releases a new device, it’s fairly easy to jump on your gun and point out “Hey, Are You Stupid? Why didn’t you choose THAT SoC instead? It’s more powerful!”. Well, most people actually forget one of the key market constraints: Supply. EvilDragon shares his story behind the choice of the TI OMAP5 SoC for the upcoming DragonBox Pyra. This is a great reminder that it’s never as straightforward as you think.

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What You Guys Liked in January 2014


Here’s a picture above from the Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day) in Japan where youngsters celebrate the fact that they turn 20. They can finally drink alcohol and smoke (legally) from there on, and get their lung cancer 20 years later like everyone else! Other than that… January passed pretty fast. Just coming back from holidays, then plunging back into the daily routine, and there you go, it’s over before you know it! I don’t know about you, but having a cold winter makes me sleepy as well, so I don’t feel I get as much stuff done during that season either… Anyway, January was a good month for Pandoralive with many visits, and here’s a rundown of what was popular.

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