PandoraLive is One Year Old!


It’s been one year that this Blog dedicated to the Pandora has opened its doors, and its evolution kind of mimics my experience with the Pandora. Getting my first model in 2012, then progressively becoming more involved with the Community, going back to coding stuff in my spare time… to realizing the lack of a good online resource dedicated to the Pandora (apart from the boards). “Hey, if no-one is doing it, then I will do it myself”. That’s how it all started.

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The Resources Page: Updated!


Hey guys, I’m sure most of you don’t really notice that there’s actually a menu at the top of your screen there, with a number of additional pages of contents that you may want to look at from time to time. Well, I have just updated one of them, the “Resources” page. And it’s a good place to visit. Seriously.

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My Day With The Pandora (Klumpen)


You might wonder, what kind of people have and use an OpenPandora, because it is made for such a seemingly small niche. I am not one of the technical versatile nerds you’d imagine and call myself a n00b sometimes when being in this community, which is rather very highly educated when it comes to technology.

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Music Production on the Pandora


Hello Everyone. Canseco here. There are programs available for the Open Pandora to make music (well, these are general Linux programs). Until recently their Pandora version lacked Jack support, so I started to compile it for them. I did not know how they worked, so as I was testing, I was reading manuals and following video tutorials. It helped a lot to understand why Jack was so important for Music Production. Today I’d like to give you some insights as to what you can do with some tools.

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Weekly Software News Feb 3rd to 9th 2014


Wow, that was a very busy week for new releases, since there were more releases than updates. That’s very rare, but there’s a good chance it was linked to the upcoming deadline for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. Many good entries in this week, with a special mention of Printrun which makes Pandora able to drive a 3D printer on its own! That’s a pretty cool function, while it may not be useful for many people out there.

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