2013, An Excellent Year for the Pandora


Pandoralive was born in March 2013, and since we have been following the news on the Pandora scene every single week, I thought I would do a quick summary of what occurred in 2013… at least, what was significant enough to mention. 2013 was an excellent year, software-wise, and we can only hope that 2014 will bring just as many surprises to the Pandora scene, before we move to the next machine now known as the DragonBox Pyra.

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My Day With The Pandora (FZero)


My days with Pandora mainly consist of gaming, a touch of gaming, mixed up with a little more gaming. I know that I’m not making the most of this amazing pocket device, I’m finding new useful, fun, interesting programs all the time and know that my Pandora will continue to provide me more than just gaming. But I do like to play games and nothing does that task quite as well as my Pandora.

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