Most Popular Content in August 2013


On my side of the world the August heat is finally gone, while typhoons are regularly on their way to the archipelago. I can’t say I really mind the rain, it’s rather welcome after the temperatures we had to deal with one month back. But hey, August is THE month for summer festivals in Japan, so who am I to complain? Anyway, September is here, and you may be wondering what people have been reading on Pandoralive recently? Here’s your monthly top 5.   Read More

There and Back Again… Gamescom 2013


When you first arrive in front of the GamesCom entrance, you just can’t say anything else than “Wow, there are a lot of people here”. It was my first time at the GamesCom, so I wasn’t sure on what to expect. Well, I’m literally not alone in this convention. There are just thousands of people here. And I then realized that finding the Open Pandora booth may not be as easy as I thought…

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Weekly Software News August 26th to September 1st


Gee, we are already in September. Nobody told me August would go that fast! The past week was full of Gamescom awesomeness so there was not as much activity on the repo as expected, but still we get a good number of very cool releases and updates. Like Notaz’s work on Picodrive, a new apkenv from crow_riot and co and PtitSeb back with a huge port with Forsaken. This September starts well.

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