Steam’s Linux Future. A Smart Move ?

Don’t you like it when you get two completely off-topic articles during the same week ? This time my excuse is that all Pandora users are Linux users by default so you’d better be interested in Linux world news. Well, do not worry I’ll be back very soon with more Pandora-focused articles. Following the announcements last week from Valve, I thought it was a good time to digest them all in a single article and see what it means for the future of gaming.

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Mupen 2.0 Coming Soon on Pandora!


Until now when I was presenting the Open Pandora to newbies, I have usually never failed to mention it was an excellent all-purpose emulator machine in the palm of your hands… “except for N64” is what I was always careful to add, too. Our last Mupen release was not performing as well as most people wish and unfortunately it made many games unplayable. PtitSeb has taken on himself to change things and is currently working on Mupen 2.0.

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Who is Kenta Cho ?


Maybe the name is unfamiliar to many of you, but Kenta Cho is the Japanese game creator behind many of the shoot’em ups available on Pandora (and ported by MH-T and mcobit). rRootage, Tumiki Fighters, Titanion, just to name a few. Most of his games source code is available, and I guess you now realize he specializes in shooters. After looking at his productions I started to wonder how he came to do that. What was his story ?

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