Call to Contributors. Time to Wake Up!


Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Here, not so much because I don’t really have summer vacation in Japan, and with the weather the only thing I can enjoy is air conditioning. 35C/80RH is pretty bad for the body and the rest of the brain that’s not busy sweating. Anyway, that explains partly my lack of activity on Pandoralive recently, but it’s also a good timing to remind you guys that a site can’t grow based on a single contributor. Yeah, big surprise hey?

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Weekly Software News – July 1st to 7th


This week may have been scarce in new software but there were tons of updates. Well, less is sometimes more – PtitSeb was able to release Jedi Academy during the past 7 days! Just a week after the Jedi Knight II release, which calls for an applause! You should now have enough Star Wars games on your plate for a while… Let’s see in more details what else came out this week…

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