DGen, Yet Another Megadrive/Genesis Emulator


Last week I found on sourceforge that Dgen, an old Megadrive/Genesis Emulator from the late 90s was actually still alive and kicking after its development was stopped in the early 2000s. In fact the project had been restarted to provide an open-source, multiplatform alternative emulator since there was somehow a gap in terms of offering. I just compiled it for Pandora a couple of days ago, out of interest in performance, and I’d like to share a few observations with you on performance and how to package a command line application like this one.

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Software Review: StepMania 3.9


StepMania – the premier dance simulation / rhythm game. Used in arcades worldwide, and now available in the palm of your hand. But how does it fare on the Pandora? Find out in this software review. (version reviewed:, 15/7/2013; model used: Rebirth Pandora)

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Weekly Software News – July 15th to 21st


One could think that summer would slow things down. But it’s not ! We still get many updates and releases on Pandora! I see two trends recently: a lot of OpenGL games ported using the excellent libGL from lunixbochs, and lots of good, serious applications to do real stuff with your Pandora apart from simply gaming. There’s even a new distro available. Summer is great.

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Masters of Doom


Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the latest book I have been through, called “Masters of Doom”. No, this is not some kind of fantasy story, it’s rather a retelling of how the game “Doom” came to be, through the lives of their creators, John Carmack and John Romero.

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