Weekly Software News – June 3 to June 9


Ah, summer is getting closer. The Beer season. It seems like a number of developers are more or less on vacation, since the activity in the last week was kind of… moderate. Wait, did I mention that PtitSeb released FreeSpace 1 and 2? That’s just 2 releases but that has to count for something! There were few updates, though, but the few we got include worthy games such as OpenXcom, Widelands and apkenv now supporting Plants vs Zombies! But there’s more. Read on.

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Where in the World Are PandoraLive Readers?


You know what’s cool? One Million Dollars. You know what’s even better? The Pandora community, with its users spread over the face of the Earth. Since Pandoralive has been running for more than 3 months now, there’s enough data to get an idea where you guys are reading us from. That can also give you an idea of how active the Pandora community in your country may be. Let’s see…

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Most Popular Content in May 2013


Another month has passed and we enter “summer”. Yeah, I’m sure you appreciate the irony if you are in one of the numerous countries where it still feels like winter and you get nothing but rain everyday. So much for “global warming” huh? Anyway, here’s a short overview of which articles on Pandoralive managed to grab your attention over the past 30 days.

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