Encapsulation of Java apps: Easy as Pie!


You may have seen how I “ported” many applications on the Pandora if you look at the repo often enough. Truth is, I am no true porter and it is actually trivial to run Java applications on Pandora, once you have the Java PND installed. But here’s a little explanation on how to put these little funny java apps into PND “capsules”, so that you can become a Repo King as well!

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Japanese Input Support on Pandora. The Easy way.


I realize this post is aimed at a super-niche market. First, the market of active Pandora users, and as far as we know there may just be a couple thousand only. Then, among them, the ones who use their Pandora not only for gaming. Hum, make that another half of the previous segment. Then, the English speaking crowd, who have an interest in Japanese, and enough knowledge of it to want to read and write in Japanese on Pandora. Let’s face it, there are probably only a handful of people who need this. But even if this is useful for only ONE person, I will not destroy this cit… oh, sorry, wrong line.

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Porting Arkanoid to the Pandora. Here’s How.


Recently you may have noticed (for various reasons) the long article from Dredd on how to port an application to the Pandora, where he was showing us how to compile the Dillo Web Browser for our beloved device. This time, we are to port, from start to end, a game made for PC to the Open Pandora. Just like in the previous article, all steps, including the preparation of the environment,  compilation, packaging, and code customization will be reviewed and explained. We will be working on the remake of Arkanoid by Clément CORDE.

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Top 10 Things To Do After Reflashing


Since the 1.54 final firmware is out, I have been flashing and reflashing every couple of days (first to move to the RC from 1.53 and then from the RC to the final release). Reflashing is pretty easy and fast enough, but you lose most of your settings when you do so. So I came up with this short list of 10 things I usually do after I reflash. Whether you are new to reflashing or not, you may want to check it out to see if you did not forget to do anything !

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Most Popular Contents in March 2013


March 2013 was the first month for Pandoralive.info. I have had the idea to toy with a blog about the Pandora for a while, and since no one decided to do it after Pandorapress shut down, well… I did it and several writers accepted to join the team as well, and many guests answered the requests for guest posts or Q&A. Now, let’s have a look at which articles have proved the most popular over the past few weeks. Here’s the monthly Top 5! Read More