Review: Aleph One (Marathon)


Aleph One is an open source continuation of the classic science fiction FPS series Marathon. Released in the 90’s and popularised on the Mac platform, Aleph One is faithful to the original series including the sleek menus, dark futuristic graphics, eerie sound effects and thrilling gameplay. Our own Pandora port was compiled and packaged by Pickle, with all three episodes and datafiles nicely wrapped up into a single PND.

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My Day with The Pandora (_wb_)

In this little article I’ll describe my Pandora usage during a typical working day. So I won’t talk about how the Pandora can transform a long, exhausting day of traveling into a fun day with many hours of gaming while standing in queue for airport security and passport control, waiting at the gate for boarding to start, sitting in a cramped economy class seat, and so on. And I won’t talk about how the Pandora saved me from boredom on that day when I made the mistake to agree to join my girlfriend to the shopping mall. Or how I used it as an emergency flashlight when the power went out for a couple of hours in an old hotel in Budapest. No, I’ll talk about a typical, normal day.

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To Akibahara and Back… with PS1 games!

Last weekend I spent my weekend in Tokyo (yeah, I live in Japan, so this is not very hard to do) and when in town, I usually schedule a quick trip to Akibahara (秋葉原, also known as Akiba and famous for its Electric Town) with one of my friends there, who likes retro-gaming even more than I do. What did we do there? Well, we found a couple of interesting games, I ended up buying some Japanese Playstation 1 oldies, and once back at home I ripped them so that I can play them on Pandora. Ready for the full report?

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Diary of a Port – The Dillo Web Browser


So, you want to do a port for the Pandora? But you have no idea where to begin with ? You are not familiar with Linux either ? You don’t feel like going through thousands of forum pages, with people contradicting each other every 2 posts, to find out the right way to do it was on page 56 out of 81 ? Well aren’t you the lucky one, today Dredd shows you how to do a port from start to finish.

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