2 Years of PandoraLive!


Yes, it’s been two years already. Time passes by fast, but when you are in good company you don’t notice it as much. So what has happened since we launched? Here’s a quick overview of the past year’s traffic, and a list of most popular articles published in the past 12 months.

Just like last year, let me release some stats on how PandoraLive did this past 12 months. I was not expecting much increased traffic because the community is slightly becoming less active (you can see it by yourselves on the boards), but there were obviously some spikes in traffic when certain Pandoralive posts reached the first page of Hacker News.


Second Year Feb 2014- Feb 2015:


  • Total Unique Visitors: > 71000 (previous 12 months: 45 000)
  • Total Visits : > 97000 (previous 12 months: 72 000)
  • Total PageViews: > 134000 ( previous 12 months: 115 000)

Best month of traffic was in July 2014.

Top 5 articles

  1. So I Finally Took Time to Make a Game… [ by Sebt3 ]
  2. Linux Gaming: an upward trend [ myself ]
  3. Oolite: Elite ReInvented, Open-Source Style [ by Milinks ]
  4. Smartphones in Korea [ myself ]
  5. Starcraft on Open Pandora : How the Port Came To Be [ myself ]

Top 5 countries of visitors:

Not much change in where visitors came from…


  • US : 32% (previous : 30 %)
  • UK : 9% (previous : 10 %)
  • Germany : 8% (previous: 11 %)
  • France : 5 % (no change vs previous)
  • Canada : 4 % (no change vs previous)

OS Stats:

  • Windows: 36.8% (previous 45.5%)
  • Linux: 19.4% (previous 18 %)
  • Macintosh : 17.3% (previous 15%)
  • Android : 14.4% (previous 11%)
  • iOS : 9.8% (previous 8 %)
  • ChromeOS: 1% (no data before)

Funny to see how Windows seem to have lost so much share! And Linux still growing (in this community, nothing too surprising, though). Basically every other OS has been gaining momentum, with Mac, Android, iOS taking a few points each. Seems like Android is growing faster, though. A newcomer in the arena as well: ChromeOS.

What people say about PandoraLive

Just like last year, I have asked for a few remarks regarding the second anniversary of PandoraLive. Here goes…

PtitSeb (one of the main porters on the Pandora scene):

With a user base that is, sadly, very thin now, it’s good to still have Pandoralive to keep the Pandora scene alive. Despite a year 2014 very rich on software side, the download counters of the repo have never been so low. So I thank Pandoralive for still promoting new software release (even if the weekly slowly moves to monthly ;) ).

With the Pyra approching but not yet ready, I hope to read more Pandora news between the Pyra WIP insights.

Evil Dragon (owner of DragonBox, savior of the Open Pandora and main designer behind the Pyra)

Congrats to PandoraLive from me as well! I really love that it’s not just a repost of Pandora News you could find elsewhere, thanks to interviews with devs and in-depth views of some developments, it’s one of the most interesting sites for me out there.
Keep doing that – I love reading Pandora news I didn’t know about before :D

 Notaz (Low level coding genius, and key maintainer of the Open Pandora OS)

Congratulations for still keeping it going (considering relatively small community/audience) and thanks for co-producing some well received articles with me that I wouldn’t have done on my own.

ComradeKingu (regular boards member)

Pandoralive is not an event, it is an institution. I’m glad we are all in this madhouse together.

Traylorpark (graphics designer) even prepared this very nice picture for the occasion!

The image comes from thinking that the Pandora is full of potential, hidden worlds of possibility. The silliest way I could think to represent that was a stream of “life” emitting from the unit, and a forest growing from this stream of life.

pandora life thing-1

And… that’s it for this 2 year’s post! I’m still considering changing the name to something related to the Pyra at some point (probably when the Pyra is very close to be released…) but since it’s not going to happen anytime super soon, let’s go on with PandoraLive for another year (hopefully less, as I can’t wait for the Pyra either !) 🙂

Thanks for all the faithful readers coming back to PL over the years, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or two below for this anniversary !

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Congratulations for the two years 🙂


Wow, 2 years already, and still going strong.
Good work Ekianjo


2 Years?
Wow so long,
Thx for your hard work for our Community.
So much nice Articles ,thx for doing thar for us 🙂


i never ended up getting a Pandora, but i continue to read this site.


Wow, is that map real? Pandoralive visits from every country in the world except for Turkmenistan, Papua New Guinea and a dozen African states, but including Iraq and Iran, Madagascar, Cuba and all of south America? Nice work!


Thanks for helping to keep the community going strong!


Although I still use my Pandora but due to work load I’ve been away from your blog for a while, not sure how I got back here today (I was looking up something I posted ages ago on Google and found a comment from me on an older story 🙂 ) yet am so happy to be reminded of this great blog 🙂

Happy 2nd birthday Pandora live!


Thank you so much for your work, without you I wouldn’t remember that I’ve bought a Pandora, but with your site I constantly find some reason to dust it off and play with it =)